Thuoom - summer(live) ep

Catalogue number: [thump306]
Release date: 10.10.2009
Format: mp3 ep
Length: 5 tracks / 16:02
Genre: post psychedelic electronica, forestelektro

summer(live) ep is the first live record by Thuoom, created during the "summer '08 sessions" that also gave birth to sun resonate my summer and summer B albums. During said sessions, Thuoom started experimenting with live sound manipulations. Bits and pieces of these live experiments have already found their ways into released studio compositions, but apart from 2camerae on summer B, no live tracks have been released until now. The record includes live versions of studio tracks released on EI ep and sun resonate my summer as well as a live version of a song composed during [cycles of sleep] sessions that is heard here for the first time. blib(intro) samples the voice of Mukelo.

Instruments used on this record: 4-string plastic toy guitar, alarm clock, electric guitar, human voice, music box.

Download the whole album in 192Kbps.
Front cover / Back cover
Listen or download individual tracks.

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