Thuoom - [cycles of sleep]

Catalogue number: [thump301]
Release date: 07.07.2008
Format: mp3 album
Length: 8 tracks / 21:38
Genre: forestelektro

The first solo album of Thuoom, [cycles of sleep] is an experimental journey into sound, which could be categorized as "forestelektro". It includes bits and pieces of ambient, classical, drone, electro, experimental, forest folk, lo-fi, musique concrete, soundtrack, tape music.

Instruments used on this record: 4-string acoustic guitar, algorithms, balalaika, bottles, human voice, midi, music box, recorder, whistle.

Review in Estonian at Recent Music Heroes.

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1 comment:

Kert Semm said...

I really hope you`re intended to coming back with some new sound sometime.

Hope you`re well.