Thuuooom - Natur

Catalogue number: [thump324]
Release date: 05.10.2020
Format: mp3 lp
Length: 7 tracks / 54:26
Genre: ambient, dark ambient

Natur is the fourth proper Thuuooom album, showcasing the more ambient side of Tuomo. As the other full-length album released on the same day (Luonto under the monicker Thuoom, available here) the sounds on this record consist 100% of nature field recordings. The recordings contain mostly birds but you can also hear bumblebees, deer, fishes mating, hints of human voices, small insects, sounds of walking through forest, wind, and windchime. Or maybe you can't hear them, as the sounds have been mutated into something completely else.

Instruments used on this record: Field recordings captured with a binaural Soundman OKM II Classic Solo microphone attached to a Zoom H4n Pro portable recorder.

Download the whole album in 192Kbps.
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Listen or download individual tracks.

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