About Thuoom

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Been in love with music since kid, played&composed for over 20 years, started experimenting with solo sounds in 2007. Very early I decided to separate my more ambient sounds from the main project, and these sounds are released under the name Thuuooom.

I regard my music as cut-up poetry made of sounds. You can call it post psychedelic electronica; I like to call it forestelektro. It's basically experimental electroacoustic music with bits and pieces of a cappella, ambient, avantgarde, classical, dark ambient, drone, electro, forest folk, improvisation, lo-fi, minimalism, musique concrete, noise, soundtrack, space music and tape music thrown into mix. I rely heavily on chance in my works.

Influences are too many to list but most importantly Matmos, Kemialliset Ystävät, Autechre, Björk, William S. Burroughs, environment.