Thuoom - Organism

Catalogue number: [thump323]
Release date: 01.07.2019
Format: mp3 lp
Length: 11 tracks / 41:58
Genre: post psychedelic electronica, forestelektro, glitch

Thuoom is back from studio hiatus with his 7th full-length album, Organism. The sounds used on this record consist 100% of glitches. More precisely, the original sounds were produced by misusing a sound card and manipulating signal live during a practice session, soundcheck, and live performance (Ambient Evening Trashure Islands, Parainen, Finland) in November 2018. For the album, these sounds were then further mutated in a true Thuoom fashion.

Instruments used on this record: glitches

Review at Recent Music Heroes.

Download the whole album in 192Kbps.
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