Thuuooom - sum rmx ep

Catalogue number: [thump307]
Release date: 02.12.2009
Format: mp3 ep
Length: 6 tracks / 32:48
Genre: ambient, dark ambient

sum rmx ep contains 6 ambient remixes by Thuoom, created around the same time as songs found on Aava. While the original songs range from psychedelic rock to drum n bass and darkwave, here they have been processed to practically unrecognizable ambient drones, continuing the explorations heard on Aava. With this record, Thuoom closes his summer cycle which started with the first Thuuooom release Aava, and also includes Thuoom records sun resonate my summer, summer B, and summer(live) ep.

Original songs
1. Stereospace - Ava (written by T.H)
2. First of the New - Velvet Hallucination* (written by T.H)
3. Mukelo - Release Me (music by Mukelo, lyrics by T.H)
4. Thuoom - Deepslp (written by T.H)
5. Mukelo - Condolence (written by Mukelo)
6. Screwgrinder - Quiet (written by T.H)
* no official release

Jonesi - drums on 2 / percussion on 6
Kef - female vocals on 3
Mukelo - programming on 3,5
Teemu Koskinen - bass on 2 / acoustic guitar on 6
T.H - programming on 1,4 / vocals on 2,3,4,6 / electric guitar on 2 / acoustic guitar on 6

Download the whole album in 192Kbps.
Front cover / Back cover
Listen or download individual tracks.

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