About Textural Healing

Textural Healing is a DIY label founded in 2008 that releases sound experiments of Thuoom, mostly as free mp3 releases. However, there are also limited edition CDR releases. All work released for free at Textural Healing website falls under the Creative Commons by-nc-nd license.

Everything can be art. Art is everything around us as well as within us. Art can be the act of creating, the process. Art can be the feelings/thoughts a piece evokes. An integral part of art is chance - mistakes for example, or maybe the piece itself leading the way. Art can best be described as being cut-up poetry made of anything and everything, be it sounds, images, words... Art should be shared as long as the conditions required by the artist are met.

Demo Policy
Textural Healing does not accept demos, period.

Ordering info
Payments for the physical releases are done via PayPal. The prices include postage. If you want to order larger quantities or can't use PayPal, please be in direct contact.

texturalhealing [at] gmail [dot] com