Thuuooom - Aava

Catalogue number: [thump302]
Release date: 18.07.2008
Format: mp3 album
Length: 7 tracks / 32:02
Genre: ambient, dark ambient

Aava is effectively the second solo album by Thuoom, released under monicker Thuuooom reserved for his more ambient-y endeavours. Aava (Finnish for "open sea" or "spacious") is an exploration of long drones in absence of melodies. The album consists of all new compositions apart from science, which is basically a remix of Thuoom track sci appearing on [cycles of sleep] [thump301].

Instruments used on this record: 4-string acoustic guitar, algorithms, copper paper, electric guitar, Excel, human voice, midi, music box.

Download the whole album in 192Kbps.
Front cover / Back cover
Listen or download individual tracks.

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