Thuoom - sun resonate my summer

Catalogue number: [thump304]
Release date: 04.04.2009
Format: mp3 album
Length: 9 tracks / 30:04
Genre: post psychedelic electronica, improvisation, forestelektro

sun resonate my summer is the second full length album from Thuoom. This album sees Thuoom widening his expression, taking new directions as the four shortest tracks are 100% acoustic performances. Improvisation being the underlying theme of the record, the acoustic tracks are improvisations apart from aleatoria. dna/5 has already been remixed on Aava [thump302] as dna (slow) and dna (short). The remaining five tracks have their share of improvisation as well but also see Thuoom continue manipulating sounds into territories of post psychedelic electronica, taking forestelektro a step ahead. Thuoom is creating his own kind of experimental electroacoustic music with bits and pieces of ambient, avantgarde, drone, forest folk, lo-fi and space music thrown into mix. The album features female vocals by Mala on rubicon delayed.

Instruments used on this record: 4-string acoustic guitar, 4-string plastic toy guitar, chair, chopsticks, dice, electric guitar, Excel, human voice/mouth, music box, palette, shelf.

Review at Engendered From Divine Breath.

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