Thuoom - Fokus

Catalogue number: [thump318]
Release date: 14.03.2017
Format: mp3 lp
Length: 12 tracks / 48:07
Genre: IDM, post psychedelic electronica, forestelektro

The fifth Thuoom full-length, Fokus, is filled with rhythmic songs soaked in IDM influences, and at places the record is the most playful Thuoom has ever been. With these songs Tuomo used a more layered approach than before and more than half of the songs employ sine waves. Furthermore, there are three songs where the beat has been formed by manipulated beatboxing.

Instruments used on this record: acoustic guitar, beatbox, cutlery, garlic, garlic press, glitches, human voice, knives, plates, scissors, sine waves, sparkling water, water bottle.

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