Thuuooom - Kaiut

Catalogue number: [thump313]
Release date: 22.05.2016
Format: mp3 album
Length: 6 tracks / 1:05:46
Genre: ambient, dark ambient

After a long silence, Tuomo is back with a double release. These two full-length albums date back to sessions held in 2014. (See the other album, Contact, here.)

Kaiut is the third full-length Thuuooom album, representing the more ambient side of Tuomo. These songs were created in January and February 2014 but many of the samples date to 2013. This album is the first time Tuomo started a session with the intention to create an ambient album. Consequently, the album features longer tracks than usual for Tuomo, the combined length of these 6 tracks clocking over one hour.

Instruments used on this record: acoustic guitar, bed, glitches, music box, plastic bags, wine glasses.

Review at Recent Music Heroes.

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