Thuoom - Through This Dark Rain

Catalogue number: [thump311]
Release date: 14.10.2012
Format: mp3 lp
Length: 9 tracks / 45:22
Genre: forestelektro, post psychedelic electronica

Thuoom is back with the third full-length called Through This Dark Rain. For this album, Thuoom tried to reinvent himself, either by using sounds or processes he hadn't used before. As result, the album has the signature dream-like Thuoom sound in its core but also spirals into uncharted territories and emotional abstract soundscapes. Even though the songs have been crafted basically in two relatively short periods of one month and one week, respectively, the process also included a maturing period of two and a half years. In the end, we have what is most likely the most mature output by Thuoom so far.

Instruments used on this record: bottles, clock, electric guitar, field recordings, human voice, metal jar, music box, sine waves, speaker feedback

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